At City Lights Rentals, our journey began with a burning passion to Inspire Others To Take Action. This led us into the world of Real Estate Investing, where we found not only personal growth but a significant way to give back to our community. We’re proud to help everyone, regardless of their income or background, to find affordable, clean, and pleasant homes.

The heart of our mission is to truly make a difference in people’s lives. Working hand in hand with buyers and sellers from all over West Michigan. At City Lights Rentals, we focus on people over profits. We pour our heart and soul into every project, and nothing beats the sheer joy of helping someone.

Join us on this exhilarating journey of creating a community that uplifts everyone. Remember NO high-pressure sales tactics. Instead, we pride ourselves on good old-fashioned manners, attentive listening, and a sincere commitment to serving your needs.

As my father used to say, “You have one mouth and two ears, so you better listen twice as much as you talk!” This mantra guides our approach at City Lights Rentals, where we truly listen to understand your needs and work together towards the best solutions.


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Caleb Rights

Lead Manager at City Lights Rentals


Hey there! I’m Caleb Rights, your Lead Manager at City Lights Rentals, ready to dive into all your Real Estate questions. My journey in real estate started early in my 20s when backed into a corner by my old boss, I had no choice but to jump in with both feet. That was the hardest decision of my life but also the one I am most proud of; it changed the direction of my life forever. With a young early start in the real estate world, I was quickly introduced to the inevitable challenges that come with the territory.
After years of hands-on experience, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of incredible people from various backgrounds. These experiences not only shaped who I am today but also honed my ability to understand different requirements and craft the ideal solutions for people in all walks of life.
I take great pride in my work ethic, my honesty, and my fairness. I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and dig into the task at hand. And when I commit to something, you can be sure I’ll follow through.
When I’m not pondering the meaning of life and death and the totality of the world of real estate, I love staying physically and mentally fit. Regular workouts at the gym and feeding my mind with self-help books. Traveling keeps me energized and ready for the next property. An exciting fun fact about me – I’m a Certified Part 107 Drone Pilot, so I’m always ready to soar to new heights! At City Lights Rentals, I bring my work ethic and experience and boundless energy to ensure you receive top-notch service and the perfect solutions to your real estate needs. I’m excited to join you on this property journey!



Preferred Real Estate Agent


Introducing Ryann, our energetic Real Estate Agent affiliated with the National Association of Realtors. Ryann is an independent agent with United Realty Services of Grand Rapids Michigan.  She is our preferred agent because, frankly, it’s hard to find a real estate agent who wants to work these days. Ryann is not brokered by City Lights Rentals. She is an independent agent who we prefer to do business with because frankly it’s hard to find a real estate agent who wants to work these days lol. Ryann has a track record of over $3 million in real estate sales and solid experience in creative financing and multifamily commercial real estate deals, Ryann knows how to make things happen.

Raised in a business environment, Ryann has a profound connection with the world of real estate. She discovered the incredible influence she could have on people’s lives through her work in real estate, driving her into the industry with passion and a sense of purpose. She seamlessly blends her love for crunching numbers and her talent for negotiation.

Fun fact about Ryann: she used to play hockey as a kid. Yes, she’s always been one tough competitor! Her sports background shaped her into a fearless go-getter who is unafraid to chase her goals – quite literally!

But Ryann isn’t just tough; she’s incredibly sharp, especially when it comes to numbers. Her gift for evaluating properties and finances quickly means you’ll always have a clear understanding of your situation.

Whether you’re planning to invest in a multifamily property, need help with creative financing options, or just want a seasoned expert who knows the real estate market inside and out, Ryann is your person. Combining her drive, financial know-how, and sincere care for her clients, you can trust you’re in excellent hands with Ryann a licensed Real estate agent and member of the National Association of Realtors.

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Howdy from City Lights Rentals, your friendly neighborhood folks in Grand Rapids, Michigan! We saw that traditional realtors often overlook some good folks out there, and we decided to step in and help. We’re big believers in fair deals – we know nobody’s gonna smile at an offer that doesn’t seem right.

So, how do we make sure you get a great offer? Well, we’re really thorough when it comes to studying each house. And when it comes to repairs, we keep our costs trim and efficient.

But here’s our secret sauce – we listen. Really listen. We want to understand your goals, so we can tailor a deal that helps you sprint to your next adventure with a spring in your step.

We’re not just here to buy houses; we’re here to ensure our Grand Rapids neighbors can move forward on their life’s journey. We’re in this together. Let’s get this show on the road!

When we shout “We Buy Houses As Is,” we really mean it-As Is, no matter what shape it’s in! Sell your home to City Lights Rentals in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and just grab what you need and hit the road! No kidding, whether there’s leftover food in the fridge, dirt on the floor, piles of clothes, random junk, or old furniture-it doesn’t matter if the place looks like a tornado hit it. We ain’t fazed. We’re all in for giving you a hassle-free, smooth-sailing experience. So, leave the worries behind, and let’s get this done!

The City Lights Rentals Team in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hey there! We’re the proud owners of a couple of super cool businesses that, let’s be real, go together like peanut butter and jelly.

See, to keep rocking’ the house-flipping world, we need a steady flow of folks looking to sell their homes for cash.

Not everyone knows that cash home buyers are an option, so finding people can be like searching for a needle in a haystack in our line of work.

But guess what? We talked to over 50 people just like you and got feedback from them on what they want to see and applied it to our website, so we can answer more questions and help out in a bigger way regardless of if you sell with us or not!

We’ve become ninjas in marketing, so fun and awesome people like yourself can easily find us and sell your house in a FAST, All Cash, and in a Fair Way without any pressure. We’re here in Grand Rapids, Michigan AND ALL OF WEST Michigan, City Lights has got your back!

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Our Promise To You!

We promise to always be fair, never capitalize on someone’s tough times, and go the extra mile to make sure deals are win-win.

We’re not about taking advantage of others. We stand strong in the belief that when someone’s going through a rough patch, they need a helping hand, not someone out to make a quick buck at their expense. You can count on us to be in your corner, honest as the day is long, and hell-bent on finding the real solutions to your property challenges. Give us a whirl and see for yourself!

The Best Way To Sell Your House In Michigan Fast

City Lights Rentals is a company that purchases, renovates, and then sells houses for a profit in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We make offers to sellers based on market value and the cost of repairs needed. City Lights Rentals is committed to making the highest possible offer, ensuring sellers gain the most benefits from a quick and smooth sale.

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