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Home in need of repairs? Don’t stress – we handle it all for you!

On average, it takes more than 80 days to sell a home with a real estate agent in your area. The process requires finding an agent, listing and marketing your home, and going through escrow – all before you can finally close. And, at the end of the day, you are typically paying your real estate agent a 6% commission, plus closing costs, which may account for more than 10% of the home’s closing price.  With us, you pay nothing and get the full sale price without committing yourself to any long-term process. It’s quick and easy with us.

“Receive Your Cash Offer Now – Close in Just Days!”

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What is a Code Violation?

In simple terms, a code violation is an official notice from your local authorities stating that your property isn’t meeting specific safety or health standards. It’s like a red flag signaling that something on your property needs fixing or updating. If you’ve been hit with one before, you know the stress and hassle it brings.

All too often, properties get beat up due to unforeseen circumstances that can be out of your control, and when that happens, the city is quick to slap you in the face with hefty daily fines or code violations, ranging from $25 to $50. We understand and relate to this. We now look for homes with such violations. Putting ourselves in a position between you and the county.

Maximize Your Home Sale in Grand Rapids with Our Direct Cash Offer Selling in Kent County, MI?

Did you realize that on average, it takes over 80 days to sell a home with a real estate agent in West Michigan? That’s nearly three months of listing, waiting, promoting, and then there’s the slow back and forth negotiating. On top of that, there’s a hefty commission to agents, not forgetting the closing costs, which combined can consume over 10% of your home’s selling price.

But what if there’s a better way right here in Grand Rapids?

We present to you a straightforward solution: No agent commissions in Kent County, zero closing costs, and no drawn-out processes. Get the full price for your home, paid in cash, without the long wait. Discover the uncomplicated, swift home-selling experience in West Michigan with us.

How Do I Get My Cash Offer?

Just follow these three steps to get your cash offer in your hands!

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Just drop your details in the form below. Once it hits our desk at City Lights, we’re on it! Anticipate a swift response from our warm and eager team. Together, we’ll unlock the value of your property, hassle-free. Ready for a seamless experience? Let’s dive in! PS: Caleb loves hosting people making sure they have a good time and get all their questions answered! Sometimes he won’t shut up…. LOL

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We’ll pop by whenever it’s good for you, checking out what needs fixing or sprucing up. Are you concerned or wondering about something? We’re right there with you, making sure everything’s clear.

(And hey, if you’re more at ease, we can always do a virtual tour. Whatever works best for you!)

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Once we’ve had a peek at your place, we’ll whip up an offer for you in no time – usually within a day or two. And guess what? If you’re in a hurry, we can wrap things up in as little as 12 days. Or if you’ve got a specific date in mind, just let us know. Always here for a chat at 616-202-3922 – ring us up anytime, and we’ll get back to you Super-Fast, usually within a day!

Did We Mention? Leave the Clutter to Us!

You heard right! Those faulty appliances gathering dust, and that unfinished backyard project? Leave them. There’s no need to stress about the mess. With our cost-effective dumpster options and efficient cleanup crews, we’ve got the tidying up covered. So, you can dedicate your energy to plotting out your future endeavors.

Grab Your Cash Offer: Say Goodbye to Grand Rapids Home Headaches and Avoid More Trouble!

Hey, forget about tidying up or tossing out that old stuff! Dream bigger and focus on what’s next. Just fill out the simple form below or give us a call at 616-202-3922. Act now to secure your cash before we spot another deal. Dodge those bothersome code violations and sidestep growing fines. It’s your time to break free!

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Before We Part Ways, A Little Insight: Even if you choose not to partner with us for the sale, I want to share some wisdom I’ve gathered over the years navigating various townships and counties. It’s always good to be informed, regardless of your next step.

A Quick Tip for Battling Code Violations: Facing a code violation can be daunting, but remember, knowledge is power. Start by understanding the specific nature of the violation. Get clarity on the exact issues at hand by talking to your city’s code enforcement office. Many times, they’ll provide guidance on resolving the matter. Always keep records of correspondence and ensure you get clear deadlines for addressing the violation.

But if you’ve had enough of these battles and want a fresh start, let us take this weight off your shoulders. We specialize in handling properties with code violations and will navigate the tricky waters for you. With our help, you can secure a cash offer and transition smoothly into a new space that fits your dreams. Ready for peace of mind? Let us be your ally in finding that fresh start you deserve. Reach out now, and let’s turn the page together.

Helping Hand at Your Service

While our primary goal is to work alongside you in buying or selling your home, sometimes you might just need a bit of guidance. And if we’re not out there hunting down deals, we’re more than happy to extend a hand. After all, my mom always said, “Offer a hand when you can.” So, if you need an expert’s opinion or simply someone to look things over, don’t hesitate.

Reach out directly through the form below, shoot a text to 616-202-3922, or send me an email at And if you prefer a voice on the other end, give Ryann a call at 734-822-1656. We’re here for you, one way or another.